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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Model? Groupie? Stripper? When it comes to Rose and The Blay Report, the only relevant title is: fashion icon. (Please don't roll your eyes).

new york - are you over me being into amber? i usually reserve such unbridled enthusiasm for my blayjavon team (you girls know who you are), 33 inch weaves and the roast chicken and yuca at tipico in washington heights, new york. but alas....amber rose gives all these elements a run for their money. the recently signed ford model was snapped by paps on the streets of new york yesterday. watch and enjoy as amber elevates a simple task: the fag (as in ciggarete) break, into a a photoshoot. i live and die and do it all over again.


Camille Acey said...

uh, why don't we do this more often?

i seriously CAN NOT get enough of la rose, so gimme gimme more!

Anonymous said...

AMBER ROSE'S STYLIST IS KANYE! She is not doing it by herself! I love Amber Rose though, must give it to her for cleaning up so good.

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