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Friday, August 14, 2009


She's tried marriage, motherhood and Broadway. Now, Katie Holmes (the actress married to superstar Tom Cruise) wants to be a designer.

los angeles - woe to all those supremely talented fashion design students who have neither a rich husband or an obscenely paid stylist to launch their career. but i digress....katie holmes has announced plans to debut a "premium design" collection called Holmes & Yang, named after herself and her stylist, jean yang. the line is scheduled to debut exclusively at maxfields in los angeles. while i am sure the line will be extremely imaginative (i.e. re-interpreting the best looks from couture runways of lanvin, galliano, mcqueen, etc) the entire enterprise isn't. wealthy, aspiring fashionistas like holmes, posh, and to some extent ritchie (who'se new collection we do love) make it seem as if being a clothing designer is the only way to expand your brand, express your creativity and earn extra cash. opting to create a clothing collection is growing cliche and one note. what about an art gallery? a modern furniture design collective? an architectural firm? something, anything, but.....yet another overpriced clothing line that aspires to be like amazing, innovative and luxurious brands we already have on the market. but i digress....


Anonymous said...

what? her acting career not taking off? she needs to leave designing to the pros.

Camille Acey said...

amen! amen! amen! these actors need to stay in their lanes and quit it already with the clothing lines.

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