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Friday, August 14, 2009


The legendary African born couturier, Azzedine Alaia is honored with a special spread in T Style Magazine

new york - mommy, money, love and alaia - these are the top things that make me smile - genuinely - from the inside out. the latter, of course, is the esteemed azzedine alaia, the tunis born designer who made his mark in paris. as a young ma alaia, who hails from a family of farmers, moved to paris where he began babysitting. the job allowed him to simultaneously further his passion for creating couture while attracting a clientele of wealthy french mothers who were drawn to his bold aesthetic. he moved on to work in the atelier's of fellow legends like mr. christian dior, mr. guy laroche and ( i diiiee for this man) mr. thierry muglier. in the 1970s alaia spun off to start his own atelier out of his apartment on rue de bellechase. for the next 20 years he operated exclusively out of there attracting a devoted following which included grace jones, tina turner and greta garbo. while he continues to be popular today, alaia reached a zenith in the 1980s. since then he's partnered with prada, been honored with numerous retrospectives and has attracted a new list of devoted fans including madonna and our first lady, michelle obama. the new york times style magazine recently did a style retrospective on him which featured a beautiful photo shoot starring model sessilee lopez. the clothing, lighting, styling, hair, make up - all of it - is supreme and worthy of the amazing talent it seeks to highlight. kudos to andrew richardson, the stylist, alasdair mclellan, the photog as well as didier malige who did the hair.

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