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Thursday, August 27, 2009


MTV Award Nominated Choreographer Jaquel Knight creates a brand new dance for the brand new Barbie.

www - My heart and my mind are in the midst of a fierce battle: to love or loathe this Youtube video. My mind is in shock, my heart is in love.  While they are duking it out, I will share todays news with you: a brand new doll: the Barbie Fashionistas is set to invade the market. Besides sporting a fierce wardrobe, Fashionista Barbie sports some fierce dance moves too. She has flexible joints and can bend, twist and turn into one hundred different poses. Literally. To celebrate this plastic fantastic feet, MTV Music Award Nominated choreographer, JaQuel Knight has come on board. Even if the name isn't familiar, his handy work is: Knight is the talent behind Beyonce;s "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" music video.  In the Barbie Fashionistas video above, he's created a brand new dance "The Barbie" and not only shows us how to do it, but enlists three "real life" Barbie girls to enact it for us. The sound track is none other than 1990's hit "Barbie Girl." The dolls will be available for purchase in October for $20. Are you buying it? More to the point, are you doing "The Barbie?"

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