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Monday, September 14, 2009

With its Spring/Summer 2010 collection that is inspired by Malibu "circa 1978".
New York - For another summertime-inspired collection Band of Outsiders gives us its creative version. Now instead of that hot summer days by the pool, the collection is very much more of those days at the beach waiting for the sun to set with your friends and the temperature changes from scorching hot to breezy coolness. That's when you also say, "Okay time to put on my coat and hat." In the show models line up wearing loose shorts, pants, sweaters, blazers, drawstring dresses, jackets, skirts, blouses and polos in colors of grey, khaki, black, white and blue. Male models wore loafers and knitted hats, while female models completed their looks with beach hair do and sunglasses. Few of the pieces were also very nautical such as blue blazers with gold buttons. Designer Scott  Sternberg cites Malibu "circa 1978," Jacques Cousteau's "The Silent World" and Beach Boy Dennis Wilson's solo album "Pacific Ocean Blue " as the inspirations for the show. It would then explain the elaborate sandy setting that includes an old airplane seat, radio, a medal detector and boulders against an ocean backdrop. I have to say the clever and cool sandy setting has to be my favorite set from any of the shows I've seen so far.
Kristina Bustos
[Story via LATimes/ Images via NYMag]

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