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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Anand Jon Alexander is finally sentenced for sexually assaulting models.
Los Angeles - We've heard it so many times before: aspiring models receiving promises of modeling jobs only to be sexually assaulted by people who use the fashion and modeling industry to take advantage of these women. But I'm happy to report that the many women who have been sexually assaulted by celebrity designer Anand Jon Alexander, justice has been served. The Indian-born designer, whose designs have been worn by Paris Hilton and Janet Jackson, has been sentenced by a Superior Court judge in California to 59 years to life in prison for sexual assault. Prosecutors said the crimes started in 2001 and claimed that the designer set up a fashion design boutique through which he lured women he found online to his Beverly Hills apartment with promises of modeling jobs. It wasn't until March 2007 the police got involved after a woman came forward of having been sexually assaulted by the designer at his apartment. In November 2007 he was found guilty of 16 counts, which includes rape, sexual battery and performing lewd acts on a child. The designer also faces similar charges in New York and Texas. You just never know the real intentions of others but hopefully this will become another cautionary tale for aspiring models. Be careful out there ladies. [story via nypost & images via]  
Kristina Bustos

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