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Friday, September 04, 2009

The international French fashion house helps the sport pétanque celebrate its 100th anniversary, while the owners of a different kind of house show their love for the brand in an unexpected way. 
louis vuitton petanque set 468x365 Louis Vuitton Petanque Set  louis vuitton petanque set 468x365 Louis Vuitton Petanque Set  louis vuitton petanque set 468x329 Louis Vuitton Petanque Set
France - South of France's official sport pétanque is celebrating its 100th anniversary in style. Louis Vuitton is creating a limited-edition pétanque ball set to honor the leisure sport, which includes a leather-encased set of nine monogrammed balls and a cochonnet (jack). What exactly is pétanque you ask? It is a form of boules where the goal is to throw a ball as close as one can to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet. But if you're still wondering how it is played in case there's a great chance you'll be playing a pickup pétanque during Labor Day weekend, check out this video of the Pétanque Mondial 2006 semi-finale . [Story via FWD; also in images via]
Mexico - Now for a more interesting LV news that I'm sure the fashion brand did not see coming. What we have here is a one-story house in Mexico entirely covered in the Louis Vuitton logo, which an anonymous Internet user found this gem on a Facebook profile. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that LV has nothing to do with this, but that sure is some real love for the brand I tell you. So what do you think Blaynistas? Funny or just tacky? [Story via FWD; also in images via] 
Louis Vuitton House 1 
Louis Vuitton House 3
Kristina Bustos

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My Fashion Frenzy said...

Rolling on the floor LAUGHING right now. Sorry, this is tacky. But they get a B- for effort! Ha.

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