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Friday, September 04, 2009


Something truly refreshing: a clothing line for grandma.

London - Who is Fannie Kirst and once it becomes legal across the land, can I marry her? Anyone woman who thinks up sassy, stylish and just plain old smart fashion like this surely deserves my hand in marriage. I'm talking about Old Ladies Rebellion, a clothing line launched by the 24 year old specifically for, well....old ladies. In a total send up to the fashion industry's Lolita complex, by old, Karst means very mature. Specifically, she means sixty, seventy and older. To that end, her catwalk shows are only for the gray haired and gorgeous. Her elderly models elegantly sashay out in a series of knee length shift dresses. Karst keeps her signature silhouette interesting via bold graphics, quirky, clever spins tromp d' liel (patterns that give the illusion of accessories or items that aren't there) and ironic statements (Lets Begin With The End.)

But perhaps the real irony here, is unlike the majority of collections modeled by young women and flattering only to young women, this clothing line - targeted at a more mature clientele - looks good on all ages. The designer has said she looks to older women, specifically her grandmother as muses. She cut her chops at my alma mater, Central Saint Martins in London and went on to gain experience on London's Saville Row and in Paris. Now, with buzz building and the collection available to view online (you must reach out directly to Karst for purchase) its beyond clear that this is a rebellion worth joining. Learn more about Karst at [story = images =]


Anonymous said...

This is Awesome.

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