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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A quick look at what's happening inside and outside Fashion Week.
Lady Gaga Performs Virtually Naked at Marc Jacobs's After-Party
1. Keeping up with the theatrical theme at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 collection, Lady Gaga performed at his after-party, wearing a red lace ensemble, a red G-string and red peep-toe stiletto platforms. She performed with a white piano singing to "Poker Face." I can't expect anything less from Lady Gaga. [The Cut]
2. Donna Karan's Spring 2010 collection was held in her downtown studio space. Her show was "inspired by the power of the elements — the sky, water, wind, sand, earth, and fire." Several sexy red numbers were included in her show, but thankfully not as see-through as Lady Gaga's red get-up. [Fashionologie]
3.  While Karan stuck with more solid colored design, Carolina Herrera's Spring/Summer 2010 collection burst with prints and fabric textures. Japanese basket-weaving was her inspiration for this season. []
4. When the 13-year-old blogger Tavi gets back to school from Fashion Week, I wouldn't be surprised if her circle of friends expands. I mean I would ask her to join my lunch table because imagine what juicy gossips and interesting stories she'll tell. [WWD]
5. Amber Rose, who by the way isn't Kanye West's "Barbie" so stop thinking that whoever you are, walked in her first runway show Monday for Celestino at the Ukrainian Institute of America on the Upper East Side. Russell Simmons was there to watch Rose do her best not to trip from the heels and tight white dress; however, Kanye West was not there. Ya' know I'm starting to see the charm of these two as a couple. No sarcasm intended. [The Cut]
6. Alexander McQueen is dating a porn star. Say what? According to Cathy Horyn's article in yesterday's Men's Fashion Fall 2009 issue of T Magazine, McQueen is seeing a porn star he met online, who he wants to identify only by Mr. Stag. If you want a good read today go to T Magazine to read more from the interview. [Fashionologie] 
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