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Friday, September 11, 2009

The No Doubt frontwoman is one hot mama at the showing of her Spring 2010 collection.
Gwen Stefani
New York - The eighties is well and alive at this year's Fashion Week and Gwen Stefani is another designer making sure it stays that way with her 80's rock 'n roll-inspired L.A.M.B Spring 2010 collection. The female rocker presented her latest collection at the Milk Studio in the Meatpacking District. Her line includes a black and white hooded jacket that I could see a fellow female artist Lady Gaga going for it, asymmetrical cuts and bodysuits, oversized blazers and harem pants that are a big trend this season. Now you don't need to be Lady Gaga or Gwen Stefani to pull off these pieces. Gwen described her collection as "casual, easy and accessible," adding that "They're clothes that people want to wear every day." I can definitely see some pieces being worn outside the runway, especially her own black and grey outfit. Dare I say it that she looks hotter than her models and to think that she'll be 40 next month too. Somewhere out there a painting ages.
Gwen Stefani 
New york fashion week: A model wears L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani  New york fashion week: Gwen Stefani poses with models for her fashion label L.A.M.B.
New York fashion week: LAMB by Gwen Stefani, spring 2010
Kristina Bustos
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