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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


The Sex And The City Starlet has the plug pulled on her Kristin Davis Collection, and her first runway show.

New York - Well that was quick.  Wasn't it just Monday that we heard news that Davis, who plays the lovable "Charlotte" in the SATC franchise, was debuting her Fall 2009 collection during a runway show in New York. It takes more than a day to plan these shows so I can't imagine what happened in the last week that made Belk, the southern retailer which exclusively sells the Kristin Davis Collection. In an official statement Kathryn Bufano, president of merchandising evaluations for Belk, said: "We both understand that the challenges of the economic and retail environment have led to even more close evaluations and adjustments." In other words Davis' clothes weren't making nearly enough to warrant a costly fashion week show. The collection debuted in Fall 2009, and in less than two seasons is kaput. Its sad to see the very likeable actress go through this disappointment, but I'm glad to know that consumers ultimately want more from a celebrity clothing line. No matter how cute the character you play is, the clothes have to be cute too.

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