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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bunny ears become the newest "It" accessory from the runway to the red carpet.
olsen Madonna
www - We have had the "cat masks" and "feathered headbands" appear from the runway and on the streets to inside magazine editorials and retail stores in previous seasons. It was only a matter of time that another animal gets its fashion moment, and this time it's the rabbit in the form of bunny ears. Not your Playboy kind of bunny ears but more haute couture. And you really can't get more high-fashion than Karl Lagerfeld collaborating with exclusive Chanel-owned Parisian hat brand, Maison Michel, for this Fall/Winter 2009 season with the inclusion of bunny ears and even mouse ears in the collection (seen above on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen). The trend, however, was launched by Marc Jacobs. The designer included rabbit ears on top of his models' heads for his Louis Vuitton collection earlier this year in March, and this trend lives up to its animal's swiftness as it quickly catches on with other designers and celebrities. British designer Luella fluffed her models' hair into bunny ear shapes for her show. Queen of Pop Madonna (seen above wearing satin bunny ears by Louis Vuitton), Pop's latest daughter Lady Gaga and London-based pop singer Lily Allen also have worn the trend. Jacobs explained he likes the "kind of Playboy, French coquette aspect of it". Now the real question is do you like the trend too, Blaynistas?
Louis Vuitton  Louis Vuitton
Models walk down the runway with rabbit ears for the Marc Jacobs's Louis Vuitton collection in March. 
Lily Allen Lady Gaga
        Lily Allen wearing bunny ears in one of her concerts.                                              Lady Gaga takes the trend on to the street.
Kristina Bustos
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