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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Vivienne Westwood, her husband Andreas Kronthaler and Pamela Anderson have fun for the Autumn/Winter Gold Label campaign. 
pam anderson vivienne westwood 2
London - It has been reported that Vivienne Westwood renewed Pamela Anderson's contract for another year as the spokesperson for the fashion designer's label, which is then safe to say it has been a good partnership between the two women. Anderson teams up with the designer for the Autumn/Winter season of Gold Label making it her second appearance for the campaign. She first appeared in the Spring/Summer campaign and joined Westwood on the catwalk in Milan and London last season. On paper the Playboy covergirl and Britain's most influential punk fashion designer sound like an unlikely duo. These two, however, do make sense when strutting their modeling poses together in front of the cameras, and the recent Gold Label campaign shows off their fun friendship with a little help from Westwood's husband, Andreas Kronthaler. Against a white background the trio fill out the space with their playful personalities as they hug, tug, bend over and show some skin, while having a lot of fun in the ads . You really can't ask for more from a Vivienne Westwood campaign.
vivienne westwood and pamela anderson 
pam anderson vivienne westwood 
pam anderson vivienne westwood 
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pam anderson vivienne westwood 3
Kristina Bustos
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