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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Try these basic black skinny jeans by Siwy, which are a good alternative if you want to pull off the Lady Gaga no-pants look with pants.
www - It was only a matter of time that jeans evolve to something beyond what they typically look like. First it was the union between leggings and skinny jeans we started to see this summer, which resulted to a term I hope I never have to say again after today, "jeggings." This time Siwy has taken denim design to a whole new level by replacing the front denim with mesh. Yes, mesh. Personally, mesh has been ruined for me ever since I searched I stumbled upon this great photo of Lindsay Lohan's dad; yet, why do I find myself gravitating to these black mesh skinny jeans? There really is something about them that makes me say, "I like to walk around with these on...inside the comfort of my home that is." But for those who are feeling daredevil-ish and want to take these out on the streets, you can own a pair for $242 at Shopbop. I do have to say they are definitely better than those American Apparel micro-mesh, two-sided leggings. Unlike Lohan's pop and those leggings, these Siwy mesh jeans are indeed hot. Now what do you think the nickname for this new style should be if it catches on? "Mesheans"? "Jesh"? [story and images via]
Kristina Bustos

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