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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The revived Versace line features short dresses and safety pins. 
Milan - We all remember the Versace "safety pin dress" worn by Elizabeth Hurley on the red carpet at the 1994 London premier of Four Weddings and a Funeral with her then-boyfriend, Hugh Grant. Well, we can have our own version of it through Donatetlla Versace's revived lower-priced Versus line. The collection, designed by British designer Chrisopher Kane, was revealed last Sunday, Sept. 27, during Milan Fashion Week. Kane designed his own version of "the safety pin dress" by turning the safety pins into multi-colored embellishment for dresses and shoes. One of his dresses featured cut-out sleeves hanging by straps held by safety-pins. The collection, which kept in mind the style of Gianni Versace, included mini dresses in black, khaki, and red with lace inserts and bustiers. Now speaking of the Versaces, Donatella and her daughter Allegra were spotted at Giannino on Via Vittor Pisan on Sunday.
donatella allegra versace
Kristina Bustos
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