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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Photos of the Vogue Editrix before she got posh.

- Anna Wintour: somewhere along the years her name became as synonymous with clean, classic, consistent chic as it has with Vogue, the magazine she oversees.

So what a severe shock to the senses - and frankly, my spirit - to see our girl in the following: color block pants, sheer mesh top, gold lame, a sweat shirt, and overzealous accessories. I am very confident that at the time of wearing, these ensembles were the sheer height of fashion. But the ravages of time have rendered them, (oh how I agonize at saying this....) tacky.

And that's why I love them, or more to the point, Anna Wintour wearing them.

Like the recent projects the legendary editor has fronted, (The September Issue documentary and Fashions Night Out)  these photos of Wintour, a fashion Goddess, making the same style faux pas us mere mortals would, simply feels good - even if it doesn't look it.


Anonymous said...

that is just too awesome and funny.

Julee Wilson said...

Amazing Z! This is why you're HAUTE!

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