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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I remember when...the former governor often expressed her "pro-America"-ism through her accessories--in this case, a pair of red-white-and-blue beaded earrings. J'died!

(Alaska)- As the one-year anniversary of the 2008 presidential election approaches, I got horrifying night terrors thinking about Sarah Palin's fashion frenzy that she went on last year. I remember sometimes just covering my eyes. Most of the the time she was actually getting dressed for a hideous suit conventions rather than the Republican National Convention. Well I'm just glad that she is hiding in Alaska and we don't have to be subjected to these Naughty Monkey 'Double Dare' pumps, which were later sold on eBay for $2,025 by a woman claiming to be Palin's niece. Imagine that.. $2,025 for those plastic pumps.
Terrence Phearse

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