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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The supermodel shows off her gorgeous body in 2010 resort campaign for Eres. Perfection.
Lara Stone for Eres.
World Wide Web - Putting her editorial spread for French Vogue's October issue aside (you know, the one where she is in "blackface" and the one we, here in The Blay Report, also went off on it), Lara Stone is one of our favorite models. You can't help but appreciate what she brings to the modeling industry and apparently Eres knows it too. The swimwear and lingerie label has chosen Lara to be their star model for their cruise 2010 swimwear promo campaign photographed by fashion photographer Camilla Akrans. The clean look of the campaign allows Lara to be the center of attention on each image, while beautifully showing off the Eres swimwear. Loves it, loves it, loves it! Here's more from the promo campaign:
Kristina Bustos
[Story/Images via Design Scene]

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