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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Good Hair is well, good.

New York - So I've finally watched this documentary. Actually, I saw it twice before it actually debuted. Once with a New York City based organization called WEEN, and the other with my fellow bloggers from the AMBER Mag Network. Marcia Cole, founder of AMBER, hosted an intimate viewing as well as (appropriately) a private salon appointment at the newly opened and luxuriously appointed An'Jel's Salon in midtown Manhattan.

Oh, but I digress....the documentary was really nothing short of brilliant. It managed to educate the audience about everything from the dangers of chemical relaxers to spiritual sacrifice in India to how one can win the legendary,annual Bronner Bothers Hair show in Atlanta. I'm more or less the epitome of the Black girls Rock dissects in the documentary: had my hair chemically relaxed at an early age, addicted to weaves, extentions, lacefronts, (if i can clip it, sew it, or glue it: i love it) and definitely skipped a few bills to buy a few tracks. Thus, there was nothing particularly new for me to learn in here. But the honest discussions between Rock and celebs like Raven Simone, Nia Long and Lauren London were brilliant. So too was the shady, shady, SHADY commentary by Coco-T's husband, rapper Ice-T. He kept it 150% real with this summary statement (I'm paraphrasing): "At the end of the day it doesn't matter what a woman puts in her hair as long as she feels beautiful because God knows there's nothing worse than a woman with *ucked up self esteem." Amen!

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Anonymous said...

lol @ ice-t. it's true though.

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