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Saturday, November 07, 2009


Do you love me? Rally love me? 'Caue if you did - you'd buy me this!!!!!!

WWW - Oh Blaynistas! No matter what the world thinks of me, I am really just a simple village girl from Ghana, West Africa. I was swept from my motherland at a young age and hustled into the dazzling lights of Boston (maybe not so dazzling) then New York (plenty dazzling). But inside - I am still the same. My needs are simple: food, shelter and a Rick Owens jacket.
You see, I cannot consider myself a woman until I own one of Mr. Owens' sickeningly chic pieces. My obsession of the day is this amazing jacket which provides function and fashions (the "s" is intentional) with a warm flannel body and peak shouldered arm. It only costs $2100 on Will you buy it for me?

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