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Thursday, December 03, 2009


Christian Dior's menwear label, Dior Homme, will launch a demin collection for women this spring.

World Wide Web - Dior Homme is strictly for men but has gained female fans of their menswear collections since the label came to being in 2001. This spring the ladies can finally get their hands on Dior Homme pieces that are created just for them. The label is launching a denim line for women called Petite Taille, “a small collection of tailored prices for smaller women.” Hold up! Smaller Women? And exactly what does a denim line made for “smaller women” consists of you ask? Petite Taille will consists of ultraskinny jeans in a range of washes inspired by their men’s denim. How fitting is it that Petite Taille is translated as “Small Size” in French? But according to Women’s Wear Daily, the denim collection “has been adapted for the female figure with a touch of spandex for added flexibility.” Well isn’t that just comforting. The label’s designer Kris Van Assche has this to say about the new line: “Dior Homme…has always appealed to women. Therefore, we decided to offer [women] a Dior Homme jeans version of [her] own, jeans being such a key and important unisex item galvanizing all wardrobes.” You know what else is comforting? The prices, which range from $407 to $1,185. [Story/Image: The Cut; Also via Grazia]

Kristina Bustos

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