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Thursday, December 03, 2009


The art form regains attention and admirers all thanks to a group of young fashion illustrators.

New York - Fashion illustrations have been around for many years. Vogue used to feature illustrated covers but ever since photography took over fashion drawings began to decline. Today the art form is revitalized as young fashion illustrators have caught the attention of the style world. Those young illustrators include 29-year-old London-bred Blue Logan (illustration "Clubs Queen" seen left), Laura Laine from Finland, 24-year-old Danny Roberts from California and Richard Haines, who illustrates for In Style magazine and J. Crew. Logan is showing his drawings this week at the Art Basel in Miami Beach. Art curator Robert W. Richards, who managed a fashion drawing exhibition called “The Line of Fashion” last spring in Manhattan, said that “Illustration is suddenly blossoming a little.” He stated that photographs are starting to look similar because “a camera can only see what it sees,“ but “an illustrator can add to what he sees. He can make a skirt billow or hair flow more fiercely in the wind.” How poetic!

(Danny Roberts’s “Chanel Girls.”)

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Kristina Bustos
[Story/Image: NYTimes]

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