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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


new york - i am equal parts shocked and annoyed by the news that marco zanini, far left, has been fired as creative designer at halston. ofcourse all this is alleged as no one from halston, including chief partners harvey weinstein, left, tamera mellon and rachel zoe have come out to comment. according to womens wear daily zanini, 36, may have gotten the boot due to the look warm reception to his debut collection for halston, a legendary american brand which was recently revived. despite his years of experience at labels like versace, and dolce & gabanna, his pieces weren't good enough to please the powers that be. zanini is the latest in a long line of designers, including kevan hall, randolph duke and bradley bayou, who have tried, and failed, at bringing the halston line up to par. i feel for zanini because although he's been criticized for being to polite and referential to halston's history - i firmly believe that if he'd done other wise - critics would have pounced too. he had no choice but to put forth a very restrained collection. the problem here - and readers don't hate me for saying this - is that he is the only true fashionista in the bunch. weinstein, mellon and zoe are brilliant at marketing and making money, not necessarily understanding fashion (even if they are in the fashion business) zanini on the other hand is a consummate designer with years of training and the dual, and no doubt conflicting, perspectives they had could not have been good for business or ultimately zanini's job. i hope donatella takes him back.

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