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Monday, September 14, 2009

Too busy jumping from one show to another today to know what other fashion news are going on outside the tents? Don't worry, we got you covered.
1. Don't know who this is? Well it's British model Agyness Deyn at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in Chelsea. Deyn went from a bleached blond look to a jet black pagebook hair do. What do you think of her new look, Blaynistas? [FashionWeekDaily] 
2. Barneys creative director Simon Doonan admits that Fashion's Night Out was "not incredible from a business point of view, but just from an energy point of view it was fabulous," which the night failed to bring in big sales for the store. That's not what we want to hear. [The Cut]
3. An animal rights organization made its presence known during Fashion Week as protestors stood in the front of the entrance. One wore a snout mask and a white dress splashed with fake blood as he carried a sign that read: "Carolina Herrera stole my baby." Surprisingly enough they weren't from PETA but from a local organization named NYC Animal Rights. [Racked]
4. Well here's one that doesn't come to no surprise to anyone who knows a thing or two about Lindsay Lohan's antics. There are rumors that Unguro might fire its newly appointed brand artistic director after she refused to pose for pictures at Unguro's Fashion's Night Out. Lohan also skipped a schedule call with the Wall Street Journal. And here we thought signing a Hollywood starlet, who was blasted  for being unprofessional on a movie set by a Hollywood executive, was going to be a wonderful, amazing and marvelous move by the brand. No sympathy from us here. [Fashionologie]
5. From one celebrity antic to another-- a Kanye West edition. So if you haven't heard yet, the rapper stole the mic from country singer Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Awards while she was on stage accepting the Best Female Video award on Sunday Night. West arrived on the red carpet with a bottle of liquor in one hand and another around his girlfriend Amber Rose, who wore a body-fitting snakeskin suit. What a classy fella he is. [MTV] 
6. Oh but what do we have here! More Kanye West and Amber Rose news. Rose is featured in the October issue of Elle, where she was styled by West. Rose insisted she's not West's "Barbie", and reported that she might launch a line of sunglasses. Oh boy. [The Cut]
7. Speaking of celebrity designers, model and actress Molly Sims is designing a jewelry line for HSN and some of the jewelry have been unveiled. Sims says of her line, "All of these pieces are designed so you can change your look from day to day . . . Sometimes I'm feeling retro, some days I feel more girly, some days I'm more classic. So you can design your different looks around these pieces." [Fabsugar]
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