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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The fashion designer presents his Spring 2010 Organic Collection with Shalom Harlow as the star model. 
New York - I'm sure by now some of you have seen or heard the hilarious video of Julia Stiles showing off some of her pieces for her first all-green, eco-friendly clothing line. That was, of course, a spoof on celebrities jumping on the trend of creating their own eco-friendly collection, but there's nothing funny about John Patrick's Spring 2010 Organic Collection. In fact he proves that celebrities should definitely leave designing clothes to real fashion designers as he does it right once again with his organic line. Patrick finds a stylish balance between organic and fashion for his speakeasy-inspired collection. He gives his looks a modern feel by including colors and prints in floral and stripes. Model Shalom Harlow was there to be his main mannequin and the chosen venue, Keens Steakhouse restaurant, completed with a bar added more character to the presentation. 

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