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Friday, September 18, 2009

The designer looks into an American era for inspiration and delivers but then struggles in the end. 
New York - By now you should know Ralph Lauren has a very, American aesthetic to his design and his Spring 2010 collection was no different. In fact Lauren looked to an American era for inspiration this season, the Dust Bowl. If you're unfamiliar with what the Dust Bowl era is, it was a period of severe dust storm that caused damage to the American farming land in the 1930s, which lead to an eight-year drought. The focus was on "the farmer, the cowboy, the pioneer woman," according to the designer, and it showed a lot in his daywear pieces. Destroyed, loose demin trousers, long blazers, newsboy hats, menswear vest, denim overalls, and blouses and long polos were included. The show then shifted to a more glitzy time in America, the Roaring 20s, as flapper-style dresses was the focus for the evening collection. What kept the two different eras a harmonious show is the chosen color palette. The varying shades of blue was heavily used throughout the daywear and nightwear pieces with colors pink, white and silver included here and there. While I liked the Dust Bowl era part of the show (I simply adore this inspiration), the flapper girl-styled pieces disappointed me as there were nothing remarkable about them. That era has been done before so many times in the fashion and retail industry and Lauren offered nothing new or amazing to make his flapper-styled dresses stand out.
Kristina Bustos
[Story/Images via Coutorture]

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